Apr 14

Desiree Hartsock speaks about her summer wedding

Desiree Hartsock, the former Bachelorette, is all set to walk down the aisle later this summer. And, she would do that in a custom made wedding gown that she designed on her own. Desiree has not yet revealed her wedding date yet, but recently she admitted that she is currently co-designing 2 dresses along with Maggie Sottero label.

A timeless silhouette for the vows as well as a 1920s inspired reception dress would mark the wedding day in which she ties the knot with Chris Siegfried. The bridal stylist moved to Seattle from her native Colorado. She told that she could not wait for Chris to see her in all the dresses.

The lovely Bachelorette lady, who makes gowns for her clients, did not start designing her own wedding masterpiece until much later. Speaking of The Bachelorette, she told that it feels like it was ten years ago. Sean Lowe rejected her in favor of Catherine Giudici. However, that worked for the best in everyone’s favor.

She told that it is funny if people bring up things that happened on the show, because it feels like it was a decade ago because they were just living their life. She added that they would reminisce about Germany or what they did in Antigua. But for the most part they were just concentrating on making new memories.

While several Bachelor as well as Bachelorette participants have telecasted their wedding ceremonies on US television channel, she stays undecided regarding the scale of her wedding.

Jan 14

Lynn Spears selects perfect wedding attire

Jamie Lynn Spears agreed to her wedding dress; she said yes to all. The twenty two year old star disclosed on Instagram that she discovered the perfect wedding attire hr ceremony, with her daughter Maddie, mother Lynne as well as I Do Bridal Couture’s help.

Lynn shared the snap of trio bearing a shopping bag from boutique with the caption: “Finally found my perfect dress at @idobridalcouture !!!!! Thank y’all so much for making me feel so special and being so accommodating!!!!”

Jamie Lynn, of course, did not show off the actual wedding attire because that is considered as bad luck. But the bridal shop revealed that the designer of the selected attire is Liancarlo.
On the same snap on Instagram: “We had a very special bride today. We are so thrilled to welcome the sweet and talented @jamielynnspears to the I Do family! She choose a stunning @liancarlodesign gown. We can’t wait for the big day! Xo,”

Later the snap was regrammed by the designer along with a caption: “Regram from @idobridalcouture and we just want to congratulate the fab and talented @jamielynnspears on finding her Liancarlo gown for her big day! You are going to look amazing!”

Lynn got engaged when her boyfriend Watson proposed her in March 2013. That time, Jamie uploaded a snap of her and Watson hugging each other and flashing the engagement ring with the caption: “Guesssss what??????”

Nov 13

Online wedding planning at iKahwin

Most girls dream about a fairy tale marriage, and now this dream could be a reality when they get a commitment from their partner. Thanks to well known culture such as movies, television shows and novels and some women already bear a thought of what their perfect marriage ceremony must be like. As “happily ever after” in actual life always could not be guaranteed, one thing’s for sure — a wedding planning would involve a big deal of organizing as well as some amount of stress.

Thanks to this expectations for perfect marriage ceremony that has bedecked with special wedding flavors, romantic flowers, food and wine among several other requirements; the marriage business industry is really worth an US$ 300 billion on average on global scale.

Even though, planning a marriage ceremony must be a very enjoyable experience for most girls, the whole process can change some into “Bridezillas”. The once, bashful newly engaged girl becomes an irritable damsel in suffering buried under a spot that is daunting and overwhelming.

Planning a wedding is one of the biggest things of any woman’s life. It could be small or big, the bride-to-bes just want this to be right.

iKahwin is a website that serves in wedding planning. The portal features a total list of wedding products and services; ranging from bridal studios, venues, clothing, accessories, make-up services, independent photographers to videographers as well as wedding favours.

Sep 13

Sham wedding stopped

A man from Gambia is now facing deportation as immigration officials came in on a suspected fraud wedding in Preston. The thirty nine year old man, who was staying in Holme Slack, was just minutes away from marrying with a fifty seven year old local lady when the lunchtime wedding ceremony was dramatically stopped.

Later it was reported that would be groom was reported to be an illegal immigrant of the country. He was being questioned about how he got in the country. Later r he was put on an airplane out of the country.

It was reported that the lady was from Preston. She was quizzed by the enforcement officials released pending inquiries. North West Immigration Enforcement Team’s assistant director Colin Berrington told that they were working with registrars to crack down on fraud marriages as well as civil partnerships.

Berrington added that this operation is yet another example of success that they were having. Where there are suspicions that a relationship might not be genuine they would investigate and, if possible, interfere to stop it from happening.

It is reported that the pair have registered their wedding with Blackburn with Darwen Register Office in last few weeks. The service was about happening just before mid-day at Preston’s office in the room of Park Hotel in East Cliff looking stunning Miller Park. But before proceedings started immigration officials whisked and swooped the couple away. Two people were also questioned.

Aug 13

Denise Welch on her fairytale wedding

Denise Welch, the former Coronation Street actress, has stated how her marriage to a man who is fifteen years younger than her, was like a fairytale as well as a reminiscent of a Hollywood film. The fifty five year old actress tied the knot with Lincoln Townley in Portugal. Her work-buddies from the from ITV daytime were reportedly among the guests.

Posing in official snaps for a leading magazine, the actress stated that this was about being together forever. There was no one who can make her happier. She added that this was her fairytale wedding. Last year. She got divorced from her 2nd husband Tim Healy.

The newly married couple toasted their wedding vows with orange juice as they both gave up drinking. She added that there is no doubt that she is looking and feeling better without alcohol.
In her wedding, Denise Welch sported a lemon colored silk and Chantilly lace attire designed by Sharon Bowen. Welch told that it was like walking into one of those wedding ceremonies in an American film. Each time, she had seen one of those she has thought she would love to tie the knot like that. She had no idea how beautiful it was about to be.

Carol McGiffin, Lisa Maxwell, Shobna Gulati, Christopher Biggins, Tricia Penrose and Jill Halfpenny were among the guests.

Lincoln Townley told that his most brilliant achievement was persuading Denise Welch to marry him. Last year, he turned forty and he stated that he has never met anyone like Denise.

Jun 13

Students ask teacher to officiate their wedding

Nearly thirteen years after Stevenson High School’s teacher Chris Salituro coupled students Rikki Himmelfarb and Matt Peota together for a program, the teacher is now set officiate their marriage this Saturday. While speaking to a newspaper Rikki told that Chris Salituro is the foundation of her and Matt’s relationship.

Mr Chris told that he was really honored to be asked to officiate their wedding that will take place at the Hoosier Grove Barn Banquet Facility in Streamwood. As a teacher, you really want to know that you are really making a difference in the lives of the students, and now this validates that. According to reports, this is the very first time when Mr Chris will perform a marriage ceremony and he has already got a certificate.

Members of the 2001’s class, Matt and Rikki, who now lives in Mundelein, became romantically connected after Mr Salituro paired them up for a role playing program. In a pre-destination, Matt and Rikki had to make-believe to be married couple. Matt recalled that was the first time they started hanging out together outside of class.

Few months later, they started dating, and they have been together since that time. They stayed in contact with Mr Chris throughout all these years. Matt told that he and Rikki were different kind of individuals; they do not like formal things and they both wanted to be fun.

May 13

Paltrow planning to arrange wedding vow renewal

Rocker Chris Martin and actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s ten year marriage anniversary might see the lovely renew their wedding vows to celebrate this ‘milestone.’ The forty year old actress and her husband’s anniversary is round the corner in December and Gwyneth Paltrow stated that they may like to mark the special day with a vow renewal ceremony.

While speaking to a leading entertainment website, she told that people do that a lot now. Nobody in her family has ever done that. You never know. Iron Man 3 actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who has two kids – 8 year old Apple 7 year old Moses with the Coldplay frontman. She recently stated that the secret to their marriage is that they do not try to change each other.

She told that she totally accept him and what he does, so she is not the kind of wife who is like to ask ‘Where are you?’ everytime and she never make him feel hemmed in or like he is in some kind of trouble. And on a personal level as friends, they really get along. They really laugh, and they are super into our kids. There is a good foundation.

They also have not ruled out having more children. Gwyneth told that people think that they would not like to go back to diapers again. But her best friend’s mother once said not to do your planning around the pain of infancy, as it is very finite. Plan it around how many people you want at Thanksgiving.

Nov 12

Obama’s rally interrupted an US couple’s wedding

A loway couple, who had been setting up their wedding since a long time, found a week before their wedding ceremony that President Barrack Obama had resolute to do a rally at the venue which the couple has chosen for their wedding purpose. This refers that the couple will not get the chance to get into the parking area at the great Living History Farms on their wedding day which is on September 1, letting the bride and her friends to drag her wedding dress from a distance. It was also expected that the rally could prohibit the event if it ran for too long.

The couple said to a news channel that this is our luck and we can’t help it. Three of us have chosen the same place – the couple said. But fortunately the rally finished on time and the wedding ceremony continued as planned. In the meantime president Obama left the spot leaving a handwritten note of wishes and congratulations along with some gifts – mint julep cup along with a silver platter. Both of them were given with presidential seal.

On asking about how are they feeling after receiving the gifts, the couple said that they consider themselves fortunate enough to receive gifts from the president himself and also they said that they have used the mint julep in the first night. They also said that the gift was super charming.

Finally the event worked out well as everything worked according to what they planned. Though the rally created some sort of disturbances but it was okay for the couple because the rally ended within time without creating any hassles. It was a big day for the couple and was also a memorable day.

Oct 12

Waxing Tips n Tricks

You have chosen bathing suit, sun lotion and sunglasses for a beach! And the skin must be as ready, so shaved.

The most efficient and handy method to get rid of unwanted hair remains traditional waxing.

Wax hair removal benefits:

* Method is a lasting, growing hair within a period of up to three weeks;
* Regular use of a long time will make the hair to be smoother and more rare;
* Skin irritation and redness are reduced significantly;
* Is a suitable method for hair removal of any parts of the body (including sensitive areas such as armpits and groin).

You choose: hot or cold?

If you use hot wax, and heat expands the pores has a slight anesthetic effect. Therefore, hair is easily removed and the feeling of pain is relieved.
Cold Wax, involves less risk though, is less practical. Requires passing over the same area several times in order to remove all the hairs. In general, this method is ideal for women who have problems with circulation (varicose veins visible).
But it is advisable to opt for disposable waxing, to the detriment of the normal, due to sterility and increased safety.

Ingrown hairs

99% of women go through this ordeal every cap. These wires, unsightly and sometimes painful because it causes inflammation, occur regardless of hair removal method that we use. There is a medical name: recurrent folliculitis. It’s thicker hair and a deeper root.

The phenomenon is more common in people with curly hair. Sometimes folliculitis may be due to hormonal dysfunction, which is supported by more often in women with polycystic ovaries and / or menstrual disorders, thickness and the speed at which hair grows is dependent on hormones.

Use of tweezers to remove those wires or  is not a solution, the risks are posed by superinfection hair root or scarring.

Solutions to prevent recurrent Ingrown hairs

Hair removal: hair follicle destruction is the only way to influence hair growth;

Hair removal be done in the first or second day of menstruation (the phase in which the ovaries secrete thyroid hormone estrogen);

Proper care of the skin: the stratum corneum of the skin if not sufficiently hydrated, the risk that the wires to grow under the skin is greater. Body milk, used daily, is helpful in this regard. Same peels, gomaj, thinning outer layer of skin so the hair will take a shorter route under the skin and inflammation will be much less visible or even nonexistent. To relieve inflammation not use alcohol, iodine alcohol or other products that dehydrate the skin excessively, but creams and ointments on the basis of antibiotic that will prevent infection and the appearance of the skin (folliculitis post-epilation).

Aug 12

Lady Gaga Shocks Her Fans

Lady Gaga stuns her fans once again and this time by wearing a white colored gracious looking wedding dress. The mother monster posted a photo of herself wearing an elegant and amazingly tamed wedding dress standing beside two girlfriends. The photo was clicked at the Vera Wang’s bridal boutique in New York City.

This is really shocking news for her fans as well as those who don’t even like her. It was some days back that she posted a nude photo of her on a social networking site. Everyone was shocked seeing such a photo of her all of a sudden.

Besides posting a photo, she also wrote that she was at her best friend’s wedding that helped her try on some wedding dresses. She wrote this in the caption. The pop star was looking stunning in that wedding dress beside her girlfriends. But it is not clear whether Lady Gaga is hearing the wedding bells sooner or later.

Gaga’s relationship with her Vampire Diaries boyfriend Taylor Kinney is stronger as it was before. The two started dating after Gaga’s music video “You and I” released worldwide where he played Gaga’s love interest. Lady Gaga is a powerful pop singer and is always in news for various reasons. E! News recently reported that Gaga posted some steamy pics of her with her boyfriend in a pool. Those photos created stir among the other celebs and her fans as well. It is truly unexpected that tshe will pose in a wedding dress and that also on her friend’s wedding. Though it was shocking but Gaga once again amazed her fans for sure!